I have sent this small bird to wish you (True Pic Birthday Card)

Be thankful for what you are now (Butterfly Happy Birthday Card)

In one drop of water are found (Happy Birthday Card on Water Drop)

Count your age by friends (Happy Birthday Card on Smile)

May you be blessed with more of everything (Happy Birthday Card)

It takes millions of people to complete the world (Happy Birthday Card)

In the End Its not the years (Happy Birthday Card on Life)

My Heart is perfect because you are inside it (Happy Birthday Card for Lover, Wife, Husband or Fiance)

Life is short, so enjoy each moment (Happy Birthday Card)

Forget the pains of the Past (Happy Birthday Card on Best Things)

Thanks for allowing me to taste (Happy Birthday Card for Lover/Wife/fiance)

Hope your birthday is just as wonderful (True Picture Beautiful Birthday Card)

Birthdays are the best time to thank life (Happy Birthday Card with Background Picture of Lily Flower)