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Birthday, Birthday cards, Picture Cards, Card Images, Happy Birthday, Picture Birthday Cards (birthday.arvindkatoch.com) come into existence when I start seeing the world through the lens of my camera. I discovered that life is very beautiful and beauty is spread across us everywhere. When we see the small flowers through the zoom lens, then we witness a totally new and beautiful world which is otherwise not visible to our naked eyes.

I decided to convert these beautiful pictures into beautiful Picture Birthday cards where you make someone's special day even more special. Unlike the other Picture Birthday cards, these birthday cards are made up of the true pictures which represent the true beauty of life. By sending these true picture based birthday cards, you remind the other person that how unique they are.

The world of Picture Birthday Card is constantly increasing with the introduction of new Birthday cards. You can access these birthday cards through this website and through our mobile app. Picture Birthday Cards are also available on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

All the pictures used to make Picture Birthday Cards are based on pictures taken by me i.e. Arvind Katoch's Photography. You can check my Photography at  Photography.arvindkatoch.com
Arvind Katoch
[About Myself (Arvind Katoch)- Hi, I am a 37 year old a simple person from India. My hobby is writing and photography. I have a great interest in nature and birds. You can check my Photography blog - photography.arvindkatoch.com and Bird Photography Blog- indianbirds.arvindkatoch.com. To read my main blog, you can visit- www.arvindkatoch.com. I love to travel and my travel blog is travel.arvindkatoch.com. I am blogging from last 11 years and True  Picture Birthday Cards is one part of it.]

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Below find examples of some of the True Picture Birthday Cards made by us.

1) Birthday Card for Special Person with Kind Heart -
Heart, Kind, Beautiful, Person, Happy Birthday, Card, HD
Special Person with a Kind Heart

2) Birthday Card on Wish a Wonderful Birthday-

3) Birthday Card on Success and Opportunities-
Red, Rose, Bud, Happy Birthday, Birthday, Card, Success, Opportunities
Birthday Card on Success and Opportunities 

4) Birthday Card Your Birthday is as Wonderful-
Happy Birthday, Birthday Card, Flower Card, wonderful,
Hope your birthday is just as wonderful

5) Birthday Card Have Faith in-

Flower, Birthday Card, Happy Birthday Card, Card, Flower Card
Have faith in what will be (Beautiful Flower Happy Birthday Card)